Naturopathy is an alternative medical system which calls upon the use of natural intervention in the treatment and prevention of illness. It stems from the belief that the body has the inherent power to heal itself if provided with the right environment, therefore, a naturopath can help an individual identify aspects of the health which may be hindering this intrinsic ability. Through nutritional and herbal medicine, as well and dietary and lifestyle modifications, a naturopath works in a partnership with their patient, providing them with the knowledge and tools required to take control of their own health and bring their body in to balance. 

A naturopath believes in finding the cause  of illness rather than treating symptomatically. For this reason, a naturopathic consultation can span from thirty minutes, up to an hour, in which time you can expect to be asked a broad range of questions relating to various aspects of your current health, as well as past and family medical history. This allows the naturopath to build a complete picture of the person in front of them and allows them to better identify each factor contributing to their current health status.  Physical examinations may also be performed where indicated and with prior consent. 

A naturopath can assist with a vast array of health concerns from allergies to insomnia, weight management to musculoskeletal conditions, and everything in between. At Sana, we are particularly passionate about fatigue conditions, mental health, and digestive disorders, however helping our clients achieve positive outcomes in any aspect of their health is our goal. Naturopathic medicine can also be used successfully in conjunction with conventional or other alternative therapies to enhance the overall therapeutic outcome for the individual. 



Initial Consultation                          (1 hour)       $105

Return Consultation                        (30 mins)    $79

Extended Return Consultation     (45 mins)     $89  

Phone consultation (return patients only)       $50

(prices do not include prescribed supplements)

Health fund rebates are available.

Concession rates will be applied on approval of application. Please enquire through our 'contact' page.

If you are interested in how naturopathy might be able to assist you, please send an enquiry by visiting the 'contact' page, or follow the link below. 

Cancellation Policy

Should you need to reschedule an appointment, please make every effort to notify us as soon as possible. Please note, cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice and no-shows will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the scheduled booking payable prior to booking future appointments.