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I don't know about you, but as soon as this warm weather hits and the air conditioner starts getting a work out, my poor lips become so chapped and sore! Now, whilst it should be mentioned that dry or cracked lips can be a sign that your body is calling out for moisture in the form of water and essential fatty acids, there is also a lot you can do topically to soothe and protect the skin whilst addressing these two essential components, and thankfully mother nature has provided us with all the ingredients required to do so.  Enter Sana All Natural Lip Balm! I put together these little tubes of goodness after, number one, constantly buying and losing countless lip balms and realising it would be more economical to have a stock pile at home, and two, getting fed up with spending my money on products with questionable claims to being natural. So, for those of you like myself that want to know what is really in your skincare, and why, I have put together a list of all the ingredients used and the role they play in helping your lips look, feel, and smell divine, without the nasties.

Coconut Oil:  What doesn't it do! If it seems like coconut oil is everywhere at the moment, its because it is! I could probably write a few page on this one ingredient alone, however, I will try to keep it simple. Coconut oil is made up predominately of fatty acids, more specifically medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA)such as myristic, caprylic, capric, and so on. Along with a nice smattering of vitamin E, these wonderful fats possess potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help protect your skin from free radical damage which may otherwise prematurely age skin, whilst reducing its defense against external and internal aggressors.  MCFAs also possess antimicrobial activity, helping to reduce the risk of bacterial, & fungal infections.  Collectively, these actions make coconut oil particularly effective in conditions where the skin is damaged, making it vulnerable to infection, such as when the lips are cracked or sun burnt. Coconut oil also holds an SPF of between 2 and 4, which although mild, makes it even more protective against the damage caused by the sun.      

Jojoba Oil:  Taken from the fruit or seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant, jojoba oil is a nutrient-rich powerhouse of therapeutic activity. Closely mimicking the sebum/oil natural produced by our own skin, jojoba oil is extremely well tolerated, making it perfect for all skins, even the most reactive. It's light waxy texture creates a two way barrier, protecting the skin from harsh environmental conditions, whilst its plant ceramides help to increase hydration by preventing moisture loss. Among the wide spectrum of nutrients  contained within jojoba oil are vitamin E, essential fatty acids, copper, zinc, and a full gamut of B group vitamins, all of which contribute to this wonder oils ability to stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, and balance moisture. With an SPF rating of 4, jojoba oil also contributes to the mild sun protecting activity of this lip balm.

Raw Cacao Butter: Most people will think about chocolate the moment cacao butter is mentioned, and while I absolutely love it used in my favorite desserts, I love it even more in my skincare. Cacao butter is the natural oil/fat removed from the cacao beans during the process of producing cocoa powder or similar. Being solid at room temperature, yet melting on touch, means that it makes a beautiful creamy base for cosmetics such as lip balm. But it doesn't stop there. Raw cacao butter is highly concentrated in antioxidant compounds which we heard earlier help fight the effects of oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Its high content of essential fatty acids help to moisturise the skin, and help damaged, cracked skin to heal. 

Beeswax: Given its firm consistency, beeswax is often added to various cosmetics in order to produce a thicker texture to creams and the like. But beeswax is much more than that. Like other products derived from bees and their hives, beeswax has mild antiinflammatory, and antibacterial properties, and its waxy nature provides a protective barrier between the skin and harsh environmental conditions, whilst still allowing the skin to breath. 

Shea butter: Beautiful Shea butter! This gorgeous creamy butter taken from the Shea or Karite tree has a multitude of moisturising, healing, and protecting properties thanks to its rich combination of skin loving nutrients. Raw, unrefined Shea butter has an abundance of essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins A & E which are needed for healthy connective tissue production, and repair, making it a must-have in any anti-aging or moisturising product. 

Carnauba wax: Carnauba wax comes from a Brazilian palm, Copernicia prunifera, which, in hot, dry weather, secretes a wax on to its leaves to protect them from damage. Once dry, this wax can be beaten and flaked off the leaves and collected for use. Its extremely solid texture makes it incredible at protecting the skin from the elements, whilst providing natural structural stability to skincare products such as lip balm. 

Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E is found in a number of ingredients listed above, however additional vitamin E oil has been added to Sana Natural Lip balms to enhance its therapeutic nature and give you even better results. Its potent activity as an antioxidant makes vitamin E essential for preventing premature aging, which presents as fine lines around the mouth, and pigmentation spots. Its sticky consistency makes vitamin E oil a beautiful moisturiser, promoting healing, whilst giving the lip balm longevity once applied.

Rosemary essential oil: Rosemary essential oil has strong antimicrobial activity making not only fantastic for treating minor wounds such as cracked, dry lips, but also makes it a suitable natural preservative in cosmetics such as lip balm. This beautiful oil also has the ability to improve circulation, and stimulate new cell growth which promotes healthy, renewed skin, whilst also providing moisture, and antioxidant activity.

Nutmeg essential oil: If you don't love the smell (and taste) of nutmeg then you are crazy! As well as its delicious aroma, nutmeg essential oil has a number of therapeutic benefits including, enhancing mood, energy and concentration by stimulating circulation. Some research has also found it improves sleep quality and lowers stress by inducing sedation and calming activity in the nervous system..... all that from a lip balm, yes please!

Vanilla infused macadamia and almond oil: I gotta say, macadamia oil is probably one of my favorite inclusions in lots of the skincare I make. Not only is it incredibly stable, giving it a great shelf life, chemically it is very similar to our own sebum (oil), and rich in phytosterols which give it a real penetrative quality not found in many other oils. It is also contains a unique fatty acid profile consisting predominately of medium chain fatty acids which are highly nourishing for a dry damaged skin, and the natural antioxidants squalene and vitamin E making it a powerful cocktail!

The smell and flavor of these balms would not be complete without the inclusion of vanillas creamy tones. But did you know that many of the compounds found in vanilla also possess antioxidant activity, and that vanilla has also been found to improve skin tone and overall health!? Not just a pretty... er.. smell. 

So there you have it a complete list of these ingredients found in Sana All Natural Lip Balms. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for new flavors and colors soon to be introduced. If you would like to get your hands on one of these bad boys, you can send a request directly to, or send me an enquiry through the 'contact' page. Cost for 1 is $5.00 plus postage, and payments can be made via direct debit. 

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